20 Mei 2008


Salam, pagi ni saya terima sms berikut dan setelah dibuat semakan di internet, ternyata web yang diberi adalah benar.

Pengumuman penting untuk UMAT ISLAM semua, sebenarnya air kickapoo bergas yang selalu diminum kat Malaysia ni berasal dari syarikat ARAK, nama syarikat MONARCH BEVERAGE, bukti lihat web kat bawah ni:

Tolong sebarkan dan jgn sekali-kali membelinya..

[ Monarch News ]

Monarch Beverage Company now services your Pabst Blue Ribbon needs for many parts of Indiana. To receive the latest copy of our Beer, Wine and World Class Beverages deal sheets, click the 'Retailers' button to the right.
We hope you enjoy our new website! We've made some changes with more to come, so keep checking back.

[ Indiana's Largest Beer & Wine Distributor ]In an ever-changing industry, Monarch Beverage continues to establish itself as a leader with superior service to our customers. Our beer division serves nearly two thirds of Indiana's counties with quality products from Miller Brewing Company, Coors Brewing Company and the best premium imports and microbrewery products. Our wine division has an even larger distribution area, as it serves all of Indiana's counties with products from the E&J Gallo Winery, Pacific Wine, and many other domestic and import suppliers.
Every day Monarch delivers nearly 50,000 cases of beer and wine to bars, restaurants, liquor stores and grocery stores statewide. There is not one single source of Monarch's success. In all, there are more than 600. They are the dedicated sales and service consultants who work tirelessly to achieve our mission: To efficiently provide an ever-escalating standard of service to its customers and to responsibly enhance demand for its products.

Monarch Beverage is Indiana's largest beer and wine distributor